Fire-Rescue - Station #6 Highland Beach

EFO, RN, Fire Chief
Danielle Connor

(561) 243-7400 (561) 243-7461

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, Highland Beach residents can count on them in an emergency. They are the men and women of Delray Beach Fire-Rescue, the Fire-Rescue Department also serving the Town of Highland Beach.

Under the leadership of Fire Chief Danielle Connor, Delray Beach Fire-Rescue is a full service fire department made up of six fire stations (five in Delray Beach and one in Highland Beach) and a staff of over 150 highly trained professionals. Through our contract with the City of Delray Beach, the Town owns the equipment – the fire station located just north of Town Hall, the fire truck, rescue truck, and other related equipment – and Delray Beach Fire-Rescue provides the personnel to staff our fire station. Highland Beach “Station 6” is staffed with five personnel on each 24 hour shift, with 3 shifts rotating every third day. Both the ladder truck and rescue vehicle owned by Highland Beach are ALS (advanced life support) equipped, serving our residents with the most current life-saving technology.

Delray Beach Fire-Rescue also offers various special resources, such as dive and ocean rescue, hazardous materials and heavy rescue response teams, which can be called upon to serve Highland Beach should the need arise. Delray Beach Fire-Rescue personnel participate in training exercises each week, ensuring their skills are kept as current as possible at all times.

Residents are welcome to stop by and visit Station 6 (3612 S. Ocean Blvd.) to meet our fine fire-rescue personnel.

To find out more about Delray Beach Fire-Rescue, you may visit their website. Website


501 West Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Phone #:
(561) 243-7400
Fax #:
(561) 243-7461
Call 911
Hours of Operation
24 Hours / 7 Days