Highland Beach Television

Cable services in Highland Beach are provided by Comcast Cable. Details on establishing service may be found on their website at www.comcast.com

You may also contact Comcast Cable by calling 800-COMCAST (266-2278).

Boca / Delray Beach Channel Lineup

Channel 99 is the Town of Highland Beach's "government access" TV channel. The channel operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is seen on Comcast Cable channel 95. This is the resident's chance to see the Town's government at work, to better understand the services the city provides, and to see some of the events going on in Town. Public meetings, such as the Town Commission meetings, are aired live and available on-demand.

Should you have any questions regarding the Town's government channel, please contact the Assistant to the Town Manager by e-mail or telephone at (561) 278-4548.