Planning Board

The Planning Board was established per Florida Statute, which requires a local planning agency.

The board is responsible for reviewing matters of community planning (Comprehensive Plan), site plan reviews, plat reviews for subdivisions, and any other division of land. Prior to submitting recommendations to the Town Commission, members of the Planning Board sign all plans, noting their vote, and the date. The Planning Board is also responsible for reviewing the Town’s Zoning Code and making recommendations to the Town Commission.


Board meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30 A.M.


        Members:                                          Term Expires:

  • David Axelrod, Chairperson                 February 5, 2022
  • Michael Kravit, VIce Chairperson        September 3, 2019
  • John Boden                                         April 26, 2022
  • Harry Adwar                                        May 7, 2021
  • Eric Goldenberg                                  May 28, 2022
  • Brian DeMoss                                     May 28, 2022
  • Illyne Mendelson                                 August 31, 2020

Agendas & Minutes

The Planning Board's current agendas, minutes and archived videos may be viewed by clicking here.

To view last year's agendas and minutes, you may select the link below.  To view or obtain copies of agendas or minutes prior to 2008, please contact the Town Clerk's office.

Agenda & Minutes


Currently, there are no vacancies on this Board.

If you are interested in participating on an Advisory Board, please fill out the Talent Bank Application Form and submit it to the Town Clerk's Office.

For additional information, please contact Deputy Town Clerk Beverly Wright at 561-278-4548.