Biased-Based Profiling

Prohibited Actions

The exercise of police authority based solely upon an individual's race, ethnic origin, gender, age, or income status by the members of our department is prohibited. The Highland Beach Police Department is committed to enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority while protecting the rights of all persons.

To this end, enforcement action, including but not limited to vehicle stops, stop and frisk of an individual, arrests, searches and seizures, the application of force, and initiation of forfeiture proceedings, must be made solely on law, departmental policy, and facts that can be articulated/documented.

The basis for any and all enforcement action will be strictly based on illegal or improper activity. Initiating any action based solely on a person's race, color, creed, religion, gender, lifestyle orientation, or physical handicap, is strictly prohibited and is cause for Department disciplinary action.

Continued Training

Officers will receive continued training beyond the academy regarding proactive enforcement, officer safety, cultural diversity, search and seizure, courtesy, and communication skills. In keeping with the Department's mission and values, training programs will emphasize the need to respect the rights of all citizens to be free from unreasonable intrusion or police action.