Post Office

"C.P.O." stands for Community Post Office which means we are staffed by the Town and not a federal facility; although we are contracted by the United States Postal Service. We have proudly served the community of Highland Beach since December 1964 when we first opened as a convenience to the town's people. While we do not offer delivery or post office boxes out of this facility, we do offer a number of postal services. Customers can mail domestic letters and packages here, but cannot mail anything needing an international customs form. We certify, register and/or insure domestic letters and packages and we are also the only contract station in the area offering postal money orders. There is a postal mailbox in the parking area in front of Town Hall where customers can drop letters when we are not open.

We try to cultivate a small Town atmosphere here which, through our customers' spreading the word about our service, we also draw residents from Boca Raton and Delray. Mail delivery for Highland Beach is provided by the Boca Raton main office at 2800 Military Trail. The customer service number for their carrier division is 561-998-7781 and the number for window services is 561-241-6186.