Electronic Plan Review Procedure

  • Step #1
    Submit Permit Application to Building Department  (In Person and/or Electronically)
    If applicable, include Certificates of Insurance (Workmans Comp and Liability), License, Business Tax.
  • Step #2
    Application is approved and accepted.
    Fees will be assessed. Required Fees shall be paid before Step#3.
  • Step #3
    Applicant registration sign up (if already registered from previous submittal skip to Step #4, one time registration is required)

The Applicant  Sign Up to CAP-EPR system through the following link:


  • Step #4
    After registration is completed, then the Applicant selects the option: “Submit a Project for Review” from the same link: https://cap.idtplans.com/secure/client/home
  • Step #5
    A step by step process will guide the Applicant through the complete submittal process:

    Applicants submittal is now under review for compliance.

  • Step #6
    Review cycle complete.  Approved or Disapproved.

    Approved, an Approval Letter is issued and emailed to applicant and a stamped copy of submittal package will be available for printing and will be required to be onsite until permit is closed.

    Disapproved, a Comment Letter is issued and emailed to the applicant. The comments are also available in the on-line platform to be responded to as part of the corresponding resubmittal including revised documents. Return to Project in EPR and follow on line step process to resubmit corrections or revision. Once submitted, a new review cycle will start.