Hurricane Season — June 1st

The 2021 hurricane season is here, and the national weather association has forecasted this year will be another active hurricane season. Our message is clear – HAVE A PLAN & BE PREPARED! 

With hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th, it is important for all our residents to know that as a barrier island, Highland Beach is in a MANDATORY EVACUATION ZONE when a Category 2 Hurricane or higher is expected to impact our area. If an evacuation order is issued, it is in the best interest of everyone to do so. Emergency responders will not be able to respond in high winds or weather conditions that would put First Responders in danger. If you have an emergency during a storm, you may experience a very long wait for an emergency response. It is imperative that planning and preparation to move off the barrier island during an evacuation order, to someplace safe and secure are made now and not when a storm is threatening.

As the same with past storms, there is NO “pass or placard” required to return to Town. Residents with identification with their home address will be allowed back if, it is safe, and conditions allow. Any workers or caretakers returning to the Town will need identification and the address and resident/condo name they are going to.

In prior hurricane seasons, the Town’s CodeRED notification system has been the most effective means of disseminating critical and timely information to our residents. If you have not done so yet please make it a priority to register for CodeRED which can be done through the Town’s website.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance in your planning and preparation as we are always available to meet with residents, HOA meetings or your association’s staff.  You can learn more information on Hurricane preparedness and resources through our website at

The Highland Beach Police Department’s top priority is to the safety and security to our community before, during and after any storm.