Message from the Mayor

March 31, 2020

Condominium Association/Homeowner Association: 
Suggested Building Guidelines

During the past several weeks, I’ve noticed significant variations in the way buildings have adjusted to the COVID -19 situation. We are all fully aware of the danger we face, the transferability of the virus and our need to protect our residents. With this in mind, below is a list of suggested guidelines your building (where applicable) may want to implement; and that if enacted, will help provide a safe and secure environment for your owners, lessees and staff.
Please consider:

  • Permitting only residents, leases, and staff into any building. (Health aides should be permitted.)
  • Prohibiting the following individuals and/or groups from entering your building(s):
    • Guests, including family members;
    • Contractors with the exception for emergency personnel allowed (e.g. plumber, air conditioning) which must go through the manager.
  • Restricting delivery personnel access and establish a delivery protocol that requires:
    • Packages and food deliveries to be placed outside with staff signing for delivery and then bringing packages and food deliveries inside;
    • Newspapers dropped outside.
  • Closing all common areas such as social room(s), fitness room (s), Library(s), pool(s) with furniture removed and any other room or area not listed where people may congregate.
  • Discontinuing valet service.
  • Closing office to residents and limit access to email and phone communications.
  • Restricting elevators to 2 passengers at a time.
  • A vigorous cleaning program using an appropriate disinfectant/anti-bacterial cleaner:
    • All door handles, common area surfaces and elevator buttons cleaned a minimum of 4 times daily;
    • High traffic surfaces wiped with disinfectants continually;
    • Carts cleaned a minimum of 4 times a day.

If you have not tightened your building to this level, please seriously consider doing so as one COVID-19 case in the building has great probability of quickly spreading to many. A little more discomfort for our owners now can and will pay great dividends tomorrow. Good luck and stay safe.

Doug Hillman, Highland Beach Mayor
“Stay Home, Stay Safe”



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Phone: (800) 232-4636
CDC Website

Florida Department of Health (FDOH)
Phone: (866) 779-6121
FDOH Website


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