Natural Resources Preservation Advisory Board

The Natural Resources Preservation Advisory Board has been established to provide constructive advice, counsel to Town Departments and Boards, and to the Town Commission, with a broad outlook toward environmental and natural resources preservation, protection, and conservation. The board acts in an advisory capacity. The actions, decisions, and recommendations of the Natural Resources Preservation Advisory Board shall not be final or binding on the Town Commission but shall be advisory only.


One (1) regular meeting of the Board shall be held each quarter, and special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by any three (3) members of the board.

Qualification for Membership:

Members of this board shall be appointed from the residents of the town who shall be knowledgeable concerning environmental issues and problems and concerned with the need to effect reasonable solutions thereto. Membership of the board may be composed of both laymen and professional representatives from such related fields of study as are pertinent to the scope of environmental problems, including the fields of law, biology, chemistry, and engineering.

Members and Term Expiration:

Steven Parks, Chairperson - April 2022

Nievecita Maraj, Vice Chairperson - April 2024

Diane Matthewman - April 2024

Virginia Eastwood-Egan - April 2024

Margarita Chappelear - April 2024

Leonard Brenner - April 2024


The purpose of the natural resources preservation advisory board shall be to provide constructive advice and counsel to town departments and boards, and to the town commission, with a broad outlook toward environmental and natural resources preservation, protection, and conservation.

Please be mindful of the importance of recycling and making life style changes that positively affect the environment.

Recycling at Home

Recycling is available to all Palm Beach County residents. With your help we have made Palm Beach County's recycling program one of the best in the country. If you currently recycle, we thank you. If you don't, we urge you to start.

Recycling preserves our natural resources and increases the life of our landfill. The Solid Waste Authority has adopted the state's 75% waste reduction goal and if we are going to continue to achieve this goal we need everyone to do their part.

Recycling is easy in Palm Beach County.

You can get more information by visiting Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County.

Bucket Trees

In an effort to facilitate beach cleaning efforts, the Town Commission, upon recommendation by the Natural Resources Preservation Advisory Board, approved an initial four (or less) beach bucket trees to be placed near existing beach trash receptacles (subject to HOA approval). Each beach bucket tree holds several plastic buckets for placing beach refuse. Each bucket includes a decal of the Town Commission-approved “Take Pride in Your Beach” logo along with a pictogram decal which provides instructions for beach cleaning (see above).  Both decals are made of weather resistant materials. Two additional bucket trees were installed on May 21, 2021-one near Trafalgar condo and the other at Bel Lido beach access.


                                                                        Bucket Tree