Our Town. Our Station. Our Heroes.

Did you know that the fire station for the Town of Highland Beach is actually operated by the City of Delray Beach? When this partnership was established nearly thirty years ago, it was the best possible option, but over the last few years, costs have escalated to a point where the arrangement is no longer financially feasible for our town.

We commissioned an in-depth third-party study to see how we could provide better service at a lower cost, and found that the best option would be to end our arrangement with Delray Beach and to establish our own Highland Beach Fire Rescue Department. But first, the community will vote on November 2nd to determine if we should continue to establish our own Fire Rescue.


Improved Service and Savings

Our third-party study found that in the last three years, more than 2,000 trips were made to Delray from the Highland Beach Station. The net result cost of Highland Beach trips are $7,000 each. This not only costs us money, but it leaves the community at a disadvantage should someone need help while our trucks and personnel are out serving a neighboring city.

Ultimately, our third-party study determined that we could save more than $2 Million a year by operating our own Highland Beach Fire Rescue. We will even add a second fire truck and ambulance, and we can do it all without raising taxes. By having additional vehicles and a local focus, we can ensure that Fire Rescue and EMT services are never more than 1.5 miles away if you need help in Highland Beach. 

The Future Highland Beach Fire Rescue Department

In order to establish our own Fire Rescue, we would make upgrades to our current fire station in order to house the additional fire truck and ambulance. We would also be hiring additional personnel, including a medical director, fire chief, and two captains. This would require an initial investment of $8-10 million, but it will create an annual savings of at least $2 million. That means, our service will be improved immediately and the costs will be recouped in five years.


What You Can Do

If you want our Town of Highland Beach to have its own Fire Rescue Department, vote on November 2nd at St. Lucy Catholic Church from (7:00am - 7:00 pm).


  • Fire Department Feasibility Study (Download PDF)
  • Our Town.  Our Station. Our Heroes.
    • Request a mail in ballot (Link)

Ask Mayor Hillman

If you have any questions about establishing our own Highland Beach Fire Rescue, email Mayor Hillman directly at noreply@HighlandBeach.us