PBC Native Canopy Education Program

The Native Canopy Education Program is a joint educational and plant giveaway effort by the Palm Beach County Departments of Environmental Resources Management, and University of Florida, IFAS Cooperative Extension Service, both working to encourage the use of native trees and shrubs on residential properties in the county. ​​

Tree canopies provide many benefits including shading, cooling, community beautification, reduced erosion, and absorption of carbon dioxide (a global warming gas).  They also provide food and shelter for wildlife.  Appropriate landscape plantings and their best management can conserve water, improve water quality in your neighborhood and beyond, and reduce the need for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Native Canopy Education Program vouchers will be available online on Saturday, January 9, starting at noon, until quantities are exhausted.

Palm Beach County residents can APPLY HERE.  The link will direct you to a short instructional video and application instructions.  Watch the video and fill out the application to receive a plant voucher that can be redeemed at any of our participating nurseries.

Qualified applicants will get an emailed voucher (one-time use only) for two free native trees or shrubs in three-gallon sized containers. You can use your voucher at any of six participating nurseries, and select from 23 different native species, subject to availability.

For more information go to Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Horticulture and click on the “Native Canopy Program” tab.