Please complete the Climate Resilience Survey for SE Palm Beach County

Dear Neighbor,

The Coastal Resilience Partnership of Southeast Palm Beach County (CRP) was formed in 2019 to foster collaboration in climate adaptation planning among eight jurisdictions: Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth Beach, Highland Beach, Lantana, Ocean Ridge, and Palm Beach County. Recognizing that our communities share similar physical, geographic, and social characteristics, we are working together to complete a joint Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. Today, we are asking for your assistance by taking the CRP survey.

Your feedback will inform the adaptation strategies explored as part of the study. The survey should take under 10 minutes to complete. 

Take the survey.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the survey. Your feedback is vital as we start planning for a resilient future.


Rebecca Harvey, Sustainability Coordinator; City of Boynton Beach
Lindsey R. Nieratka, Sustainability Manager; City of Boca Raton
Kent Edwards, Sustainability Officer; City of Delray Beach
Ingrid Allen, Town Planner; Town of Highland Beach
Felipe Lofaso, Asst Director of Public Works; City of Lake Worth Beach
Nicole Dritz, Development Services Director; Town of Lantana
Tracey Stevens, Town Manager; Town of Ocean Ridge
Katelyn Cucinotta, Environmental Analyst; Palm Beach County Office of Resilience