Water and Wastewater Utility Sytem

On September 15, 2020, the Town Commission saw a presentation from its consultant, Raftelis Financial Consultant Inc., on the recently completed 2020 Revenue Sufficiency and Rate Study – Water and Wastewater Systems. The study proposes a new rate structure that will have a direct impact on your bi-monthly water and sewer bill; therefore, the Commission wants to be sure that residents have an opportunity to comment.

The proposed rate structure is built upon a complex model that considers:

  • All water users (e.g. single family, multiple family, townhomes, etc.); and,
  • Fixed and variable costs of the system; and,
  • Transfer of debt costs from the general fund to the utility system; and,
  • Current and future water sales and demand; and,
  • Future capital and operating costs; and,
  • Inflation; and,
  • Water Conservation; and,
  • Converting the current flat sewer fee to a rate based on water usage.

The proposal is based on industry best management practices and the tiered block rate structure is driven by water conservation regulations set by the South Florida Water Management District.  The Commission committed to selecting a final rate structure built on sound data with a focus on equity for customers and a final design that will meet the water conservation mandate.  Again, the Commission is committed to conducting a serious and thorough review of the proposed rate study and they want to ensure residents an opportunity to participate in the process.