Town Clerk's Office

The Town Clerk is an appointed Charter Officer by the Town Commission and is the Official Custodian of Public Records for the Town of Highland Beach. At the designation of the Town Commission or request of the Town Manager, the Town Clerk may serve as the Assistant to the Town Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attends Town Commission and Advisory Board Meetings.
  • Prepares and manages Legislative and Advisory Board agendas.
  • Coordinates all Town Advisory Boards and Committees.
  • Town’s Record Management Program.
  • Maintains and prepares official minutes of public meetings.
  • Prepares public notices/legal advertisements.
  • Attests to all Town official documents.
  • Maintains Custody of the Town Seal.
  • Administrates Municipal Elections 
  • Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Coordinator.
  • Codifies Town Ordinances.
  • Provides administrative support to Town Commission, residents, general public, and staff.