Hurricane Information

Hurricane season is here and NOAA is forecasting an "above normal" hurricane season, so, have a plan and be prepared.

Every hurricane season is different and can vary drastically. With that said, it is so important that you take the time now to obtain supplies, prepare your homes and your families, and not when a storm is threatening.

As we get into the hurricane season it is important that we are familiar with hurricane Watches and Warnings, in order to be prepared and understand the necessary actions that need to be taken in the event a storm threatens us.

A Hurricane Watch indicates that hurricane storm conditions are possible in the specified geographic areas within 48 hours.

A Hurricane Warning indicates that hurricane storm conditions are expected in the specified area usually within 36 hours.

Hurricanes are categorized by wind strength on the Saffir-Simpson Scale:

  • Category 1 storm on the scale storm means wind speeds range from 74 mph to 95 mph
  • Category 2 storm brings winds of 96 mph to 110 mph
  • Category 3 storm equates to winds of 111 mph to 130 mph
  • Category 4 storm has winds of 131 mph to 155 mph
  • Category 5 storm is the highest on the scale, with winds greater than 155 mph

As a barrier island, Highland Beach is in a MANDATORY EVACUATION ZONE when Hurricanes rated as a Category 2 or higher are expected to make landfall. The Town of Highland Beach follows Palm Beach County's Emergency Operations Center Evacuation orders and policies.

The Town has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and Town staff are trained and prepared for hurricanes or any natural or man-made disasters that may occur. Additionally, our dedicated members of the CERT Program are trained and ready to assist the Town should it become necessary.

For the last few hurricane seasons, the Town's CodeRED notification system has been the most effective means of disseminating critical and timely information to our residents. If you have not done so yet, please make it a priority to register for CodeRED which can be done through the Town's website or visiting Town Hall or Police Department.

We hope it will be an uneventful hurricane season but, every hurricane season is different and can vary drastically. As Floridians, we all know it can only take one devastating storm, to be a bad hurricane season.

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