Public Works Department

The Highland Beach Public Works Department is staffed by eleven full-time employees. The Department consists of a Public Works Director, a Water Plant Superintendent, and five Water Plant Operators. We also have our own Maintenance Department consisting of a Utility Foreman and a Utility Mechanic.

The Public Works Director and Water Plant Superintendent work Monday through Friday from 7 am until 3 pm. The Town's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant is operated 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, with at least one operator per shift.

All employees of the Public Works Department are on 24-hour call. The water plant operators not only operate the Water Plant, they also monitor the Town's distribution and sewage collection systems. In the event that the Town has an emergency such as a water main break, a power outage, or sewage backup, the Water Plant Operators notify the Public Works Director, who will decide whether or not additional help is needed to make the repair.

The Water Plant Operators run tests on the water each hour to make sure the Water Plant is operating correctly. They take calls in the Master Control Room and respond to customer complaints. Our Maintenance Department maintains the Town Hall, the Water Plant, the Fire Station, the Police Station, and the Library. They make repairs to the water distribution and sewage collection system as needed. They also maintain the Town's side streets as well as the storm drainage system.