How Our Water is Treated

Highland Beach's water plant uses the process of reverse osmosis to treat our water. The water plant utilizes the Floridan aquifer, and draws water from wells that are 1,200 feet deep. Although the water is very pristine, it is high in salinity (salt content).

To remove the salinity and other impurities, the raw well water passes through a series of membranes (filters). The system uses 300 horse power pumps that force the water through the membranes at very high pressures, in excess of 350 pounds per square inch (psi). An anti-scalant is used in order to protect the membranes from a build up of solids that would result in clogging, and phosphate is used as a corrosion inhibitor as protection for the piping.

Before the finished water enters the distribution system, acid is added for pH adjustment, and chlorine is used as a disinfectant.

The end result is that Highland Beach residents enjoy very pure water that is crystal clear.