Deadline to Request

The deadline to request that a Vote-by-Mail ballot be mailed is no later than 5 pm on the twelfth (12th) day before election day.

A voter can pick up or have delivered their own Vote-by-Mail ballot at any time the ballot becomes available, including on Election Day. A voter can authorize in writing for someone else (a designee) to pick up the voter's ballot. The designee must submit an affidavit to pick up a ballot for a voter. The earliest a designee can pick up the voter's ballot is nine days before Election Day. Your designee will need to provide us with a written request from you and a photo ID, and will need to complete the Affidavit to Pick-up Vote-by-Mail Ballot for a Voter (PDF).

If a voter or designee waits until Election Day to pick up or have delivered a vote-by-mail ballot, the Election Day Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Affidavit (PDF) must also be completed. The voter must affirm that an emergency exists that keeps the voter from being able to vote at his or her assigned polling place.

Under the current Florida Laws, Vote-by-Mail requests are valid through the end of the calendar year of the next regularly scheduled general election.

Voters who wish to receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot for the 2024 elections are required to complete a new Vote-by-Mail ballot request.