Aggressive Driving

Avoid Confrontations with an Aggressive Driver

Remember, it is important to realize that in certain traffic situations you may be putting your life at risk and you should really ask yourself, "is it worth a potentially violent confrontation with an individual I don't even know?" It is a very serious reality; you don't know the emotional variables in play or how far some people are willing to take an otherwise harmless traffic encounter. More likely, you don't know anything about the guy in the other car and you can't accurately predict how a confrontation will end. Play it smart and take the high road whenever possible!


Although several factors may contribute to aggressive driving, traffic congestion seems to be the leading cause of frustration as slow or stationary traffic situations present conditions which may trigger driver aggression.

Most aggressive driving violations, such as improper passing, failing to yield the right-of-way and following too closely, generate fines and points on the violator's driving record.