Home Security

You Can Be A Target

Any home in any neighborhood can be a target for theft, burglary, or home invasion robbery - whether you live in the city or in a rural community. Most families have valuables such as jewelry, flat-screen TVs, stereos, electronics, and computers that are turned into easy cash. A study by the Justice Department reports that the average family has a one-in-four chance of being the victim of a serious crime each year. Because burglary is more easily detected due to the increase in residential alarms, offenders choose to utilize violence more often during the commission of their offenses. Listed below are some of the best tips found to help you protect your family and home.

Alarm Systems Tips

  • Warning Decals: Criminals look for decals on windows and door and this may deter them if they believe there is an alarm system.
  • Loud Siren: An audible alarm is most likely to chase a burglar away before entry is ever gained into your home or business.
  • 24 Hour Monitoring: Alarm companies can notify the Police Department to dispatch police officers to your home if an alarm is received by their monitoring station.

Protect Your Home

The following are a list of safety tips to help you protect your home:

  • Know your neighbors and report any suspicious activity.
  • If you have double-hung windows, bolt the upper and lower sashes together or insert a metal bar in the track to prevent opening
  • Most home burglaries occur during the day, so always lock all doors and windows whenever you go out.
  • Alarm systems are an effective deterrent and should include an audible alarm.
  • Use timers to turn on interior and exterior lights.
  • Install motion-detector outdoor lights around your home.
  • Use an etching pen to mark an ID number, like your driver's license number, on valuables.
  • Make an inventory of valuables in your household and store it somewhere other than your home, such as in a safe deposit box.
  • Never open the door to a stranger. Install peepholes in all exterior doors so you can identify whoever is outside.
  • Ask for ID from service representatives who come to your home, and if they don't have it, check with their company to verify identity before letting them in.
  • When vacationing, leave a car in your driveway or arrange for a neighbor to keep a car there and move it around from time to time.
  • For long trips be sure to stop your mail and newspaper delivery or have a neighbor collect them daily.
  • Whenever you move to a new home, change the locks.
  • Many garage door openers respond to common codes, so follow the manufacturer's instructions to program yours with a unique code no burglar's opener will match.
  • Keep your garage door locked at all times, preferably with a deadbolt lock.
  • When having a car parked or serviced, leave only the car keys.

For additional information or to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood contact the Highland Beach Police Department at 561-266-5800.

Know Your Neighbors

Nobody knows your neighborhood better than you, report any suspicious activity immediately! Neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement make one of the most effective crime prevention teams.