Internet Safety Tips for Parents

NetSmartz Workshop

A collection of age-appropriate games, videos and other materials designed for kids, teens, parents, educators and law enforcement personnel. All resources teach important lessons regarding the dangers of the Internet. Some of the teen-age material, told by teens, is pretty hard-hitting. The games may be a bit daunting for adults, but game-savvy kids should have no problems. Some resources work better with a fast Internet connection.

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Internet Safety 101

Not only do more children have access to the Internet than ever before, but they are using it more, too. Many schools incorporate the Internet into their curricula and encourage online research for projects. But that’s not all kids are doing online. They also email, chat with friends through instant messenger and in chat rooms, play games, create websites and web blogs, and just surf the ‘net. 

Even as kids grow savvier in their use of the Internet, it can still be a dangerous place. The good news is that most dangers can be avoided if children and their parents learn about smart Internet use. 

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FBI Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Useful information, including safety suggestions, signs that your child may be at risk of exploitation on the Internet, and a glossary of Internet terms. 

View the FBI Parent's Guide to Internet Safety website.

Child Safety on the Internet Highway

Guidelines from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It is an older site, but the information is still good.

View the Child Safety on the Internet Highway website.

NCMEC Publication Links

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children links to free publications for parents.

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